The Content Marketer’s Guide to AI Content Creation


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Learn how to work with AI tools, not against them. 

There’s no denying that AI is a powerful tool for content creation. Generative AI isn’t leaving the marketing space anytime soon, but neither are human writers. As content marketers, we must learn how and when to efficiently leverage AI-assisted content within our strategies if we want to stand out among competitors and drive impactful business results. 

The key is learning how to partner with generative AI tools. They’re great assistants, not replacements! If used alongside human marketers, AI copywriting tools can help generate your first drafts, repurpose your content, and provide you with a plethora of inspiration — all while helping increase your brand authority. 

Take our non-robotic hands as we explore:

  • The benefits and limitations of generative AI
  • When to use AI tools and when you still need human assistance
  • Tips for writing effective ChatGPT prompts
  • 6 ways to leverage ChatGPT for content creation — effectively

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